## #mobilemarketing and wrap-up (sniff)

The other day we discussed how DigiMark is kind of the definition of a “survey course”. We call it “Digital Marketing” but it really should be “Introduction to Digital Marketing”. We go over a lot of stuff, but every topic has a lot more to it than we discuss. A good example of this is mobile marketing. We could and should have an entire quarter on mobile marketing. Instead, we’ll do it for a day. Sorry about that.

First, let’s look at a white paper from comScore entitled “U.S. Digital Future in Focus 2014″. Please review the whole thing, but the discussion for class will center around the first 14 pages. Next, check out this nifty interactive white paper on marketing in a multi-screen world.

Here’s another white paper from comScore this one about the US mobile app market. The whole thing is pretty interesting, but my favorite part is the second chart on page 7, which, while I wouldn’t go so far as to say contradicts everything else in the report, made me pause. Also, check out this white paper that our friend @randfish tweeted about recently.

Speaking of apps, if you are like me, you are pretty addicted to the Starbucks app. Read this article from the Washington Post about their app and consider how other businesses could use a similar mobile strategy. (But don’t forget, it certainly helps app usage that the main product Starbucks sells is literally physically addictive.)
Finally regarding mobile, consider how often you Google things on your phone. Mobile SEO is incredibly important and, as you probably would have expected by now, MOZ has some great tips. What are some important differences between mobile search and desktop search that marketers should understand and consider?


For Thursday, you will write your last blog of the quarter (sniff, again) and you should title it, “What I can do for you as your digital marketer.” (But the “I” will be you and the “you” will be a potential employer/client.)

At the end of your post, please report some data, specifically, how many words did you write in total across your blogs (I’d copy and paste everything into a Word doc.) and then using the very rudimentary WordPress analytics, let me know how much traffic you earned, if there were any topics that you noticed had more traffic than others.

“Look around, look around how lucky we are to be alive right now”.

Thanks for a great quarter. I hope you got as much out of it as I have.

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