## #searchenginemarketing and @hubspot certification

Sorry about the delay in posting. I was really tired after teaching the MBAs last night. After we get back from the long weekend (I won’t be having office hours on Monday by the way) on Tuesday, we’re going to talk about Paid Search, also known as PPC, also known as Search Engine Marketing. I know most of you take the attitude, “Pfft. Like I would EVER click on a sponsored search result!” But a lot of people DO click on those links and it’s a pretty big business. (“I will not equivocate on my opinion.”) In fact the it’s the whole reason why Google is a multi-billion dollar business. Here’s the Google Adwords exam study guide, you should familiarize yourself with the topics as your last certification over the exam week will be the two Adwords examinations. (While most people have some choices as to what they can take, for this class you must take the Adwords Fundamentals Exam and the Search Advertising Exam.) Here is the entire Google Adwords Fundamentals binder. Read the first fifteen or so pages, and then skim the remaining 350. (Quickly). Looking for other things to read, I found this eBook from, you guessed it, HubSpot. Additionally, you should read this blog from Search Engine Watch, one of the blogs that Nick Marvik told us this week you should check regularly.

During the second half of class, we’re going to chat with Taylor Phillips, WWU and DigiMark alumna SEM Specialist at Adpearance in PDX, where she is a member of their #nerdherd. (That’s what they call themselves and it looks like they are hiring for entry level search engine marketers!) She is passionate about Search Engine Marketing and an all around excellent person. Prepare some questions about the life of an Search Engine Marketer.

On Thursday, you’ll take your third certification, this one the HubSpot Inbound Certification. You should have gone over all of the classes by now. Make sure that you have and bring your laptops to take the test on Thursday. (No blog for Thursday!)

Enjoy President’s Day, and consider this tweet from Washington native Guardian of the Galaxy of Jurassic World’s Parks and Recreation, Chris Pratt. Really makes you think.


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