## #contentmarketing and #socialmediastrategy

We had a great couple of classes this week. I’m very impressed with your level of preparation and discussion. Next week, we are going to continue our discussion of inbound marketing with a day on content marketing and a day on on social media strategy. So what is content marketing? First, check out these two lessons from HubSpot Academy. This one is about “Creating Content With a Purpose” while the second one should be a review on “The Fundamentals of Blogging”. This link does a nice job describing the 5 pillars of successful content marketing. So what is a good example of content marketing? Read this report prepared by Simply Measured and discuss it in your blog in terms of the rules of content marketing that you have studied.

Then, you will be ahead of the game when we discuss social media strategy on Thursday, since the Simply Measured report is about social media strategy. Additionally, read the Beginner’s Guide to Social Media from Moz. For your blog, compare and contrast corporate social media use versus what you and your friends do.

Finally, on Thursday, we’ll talk to my friend Christina Fagan, founder and “Chief Knitting Officer” of Sh*t That I Knit. She’s a former student of mine who quit her job in digital marketing to start her own company which has grown significantly in large part due to her adept use of social media. This article by Forbes identifies her Instagram page.

To quote Eliza Hamilton from the musical, “That would be enough.”

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