## Monday – Google AdWords Exam Prep; Wednesday Programmatic and Native Advertising with @wwujasonwilson

Okay, we’re going to talk on Monday about the AdWords certification exam that you are going to take during exam week. Here are the basics. To be Google AdWords certified you need to pass the “AdWords Fundamentals” examination and one more of the other four (“Search Advertising“, “Display Advertising“, “Video Advertising” and “Shopping Advertising“). Which one of the four additional ones should you take? I dunno. Which one looks most interesting to you?

The “Search Advertising” pdf is 427 pages long, “Display Advertising” is 125 pages, “Video Advertising” is 80 pages and the Shopping one doesn’t have a pdf download but it looks much shorter. While this data could help you with your decision, if you plan on using your Google AdWords certification to help you find a job and you don’t do the “Search Advertising” exam, make sure have a better answer to the question why you didn’t than, “Um, it was super long.”

I know from prior experience that passing these Google and HootSuite certification exams help people get jobs. But does passing the Google AdWords exam make you an expert. Some people say “No“.

Here’s a practice test, I found for the AdWords Fundamentals exam and check out this interesting Twitter account @iPassExamPPC. One more thing, Taylor Phillips today mentioned as one of her go-to resources for PPC was a site called PPC Hero. Last month, they posted a blog entitled, “Taking a Look at the New Adwords Fundamentals Exam“. Some good tips in there. For your blog on Monday, write about what you’ve learned in studying the three modules of the AdWords Fundamentals and how you would apply this knowledge for a client.

On Wednesday, we’re going to talk more about paid advertising, but going away somewhat from the PPC/SEM stuff we talked about this week. Specifically, we’re going to talk about programmatic ad buying and native advertising. First off, what is programmatic ad buying? Did that make any sense? Would you rather have it explained to you as if you were 8? Or how about a dummy? And check it out comScore is involved! Why do people think this is such a revolutionary thing?

The other part of paid that I want to talk about is native advertising. It’s the theoretically seamless integration of advertising into editorial content. Traditional publishing used to call this “advertorials”, but it’s getting a lot of buzz now in digital marketing. It’s a tricky subject, that can sometimes confuse the reader and even embarass the advertiser. Check out this screenshot I took of a native advertising piece about friend of the class Aseem Badshah.

Native advertising problem screen shot

As they should, Geekwire identified the piece has having been sponsored by Comcast. But check out the headlines on the left hand side of the page. Kinda weird, right? Makes everyone look bad, imho.

Podcasts are an interesting vehicle for native advertising and this article from the prestigious Columbia Journalism Review talks about it’s use in a new podcast called Startup. I’m a big fan of this podcast, it’s excellent. I recommend you listen to it from the beginning. But, for class on Wednesday, please listen to Episode #9 – “We Made a Mistake”. It really illustrates one of the major potential pitfalls for native advertising.

So for your blog on Wednesday, write about where you think paid advertising is going. The thing I find most interesting about this is programmatic and native advertising seem completely opposite. As more and more “premium” advertisers migrate their ad dollars to digital, what would you recommend they do?

Whew, that’s a lot. Have a great weekend and see you Monday. I’m going up to Vancouver tomorrow to see U2. I’ll be the middle-aged white guy wearing khakis.

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