## Monday SEO (@nickmarvik); Wednesday SEM and PPC (@TaylorP263)

I know we’ve been dancing around the topics of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing for most of the quarter. In many ways they are the most important tools in a digital marketer’s toolbox, since we all spend so much time on Google (and Bing. Don’t forget Bing!). And now that we’ve gone over the inbound lessons, it seems like now is the time to really do a deep dive.

Thankfully, there are two excellent resources available from Moz that you should review for class on Monday. Their “Beginner’s Guide to SEO” is literally a classic. I’ve met many people over the years that were introduced to the concept of SEO from this eBook as undergraduates and then went on to work in the field of SEO after college. As a follow up, last year they published the “Beginner’s Guide to Link Building”. After you read both you will be well on your way to understanding the importance of and the technology behind Search Engine Optimization.

But what is Moz, besides one of the best companies to work for in Seattle. (Seriously, they’ll send you flowers and pizza when you are home sick. Who does that?) They aren’t an SEO company. In fact, they used to be called SEOMoz and then a few years ago just went with MOZ. For your blog on Tuesday, write about basic principles of SEO and Link Building and then also what does Moz do.

On Monday, we will be talking with WWU alumnus Nick Marvik. Who not only works for one of the world’s leading SEO companies, Distilled, but on the side has turned his love of snow sports into the custom clothing company nwt3k . You should prepare some questions about SEO or Distilled prior to our chat.

On Wednesday, we’re going to talk about Paid Search, also known as PPC, also known as Search Engine Marketing. I know most of you take the attitude, “Pfft. Like I would EVER click on a sponsored search result!” But a lot of people DO click on those links and it’s a pretty big business. In fact the it’s the whole reason why Google is a multi-billion dollar business. Here’s the Google Adwords exam study guide, you should familiarize yourself with the topics. And I’ve downloaded for you and linked to the entire Google Adwords Fundamentals binder. Read the first fifteen or so pages, and then skim the remaining 350. (Quickly). Looking for other things to read, I found this eBook from, you guessed it, HubSpot. Additionally, you should read this blog from Search Engine Watch.

During the second half of class, we’re going to chat with Taylor Phillips, WWU and DigiMark alumna SEM Specialist at Adpearance in PDX, where she is a member of their #nerdherd. (That’s what they call themselves and it looks like they are hiring!) She is passionate about Search Engine Marketing and an all around excellent person. Prepare some questions about the life of an Search Engine Marketer.

(In case you were wondering, I learned about the Deflate-gate report during class this morning, but was able to be professional about it. We know that the NFL was in control of the balls in the Super Bowl when Tom threw those fourth quarter TDs and Russell threw his pick. Go Pats!)

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