## Monday UX/UI and Landing Pages; Wednesday email marketing and inbound sales with @aseemb

Nice job with the HootSuite certification everyone. I just checked the list of HootSuite certified professionals. Let’s see where Bellingham ranks with other cities?

HootSuite Professionals

The “City of Subdued Excitement” is a social media industry hub. Eat it, San Francisco!

Turning the page, next week is packed with all sorts of DigiMark goodness. On Monday we’re going to talk about UX (“User eXperience”), UI (“User Interface”) and Landing Pages. Read this article from Fast Company (the magazine for hipster businesspeople who love Amy Schumer) on what is the difference between UI, UX, graphic designers and motion designers. And this article from last month’s issue of UX Magazine on “4 techniques of successful UX executives”.

But webpages can’t just be “elegant”, they must also be effective and lead to conversions. This leads us to a discussion of landing pages, the first pages that our traffic hits as a result of our digital marketing efforts.  Mashable published a quick, nitty-gritty post with a few tips on creating an effective “initial point of contact”. Our friends at Copyblogger wrote a more detailed guide to creating landing pages. Also check out HubSpot Academy’s Class 6 The Anatomy of a Landing Page and Class 7 Perfecting the Conversion Process. For your blog, what are the most important things to know about UI/UX design generally and landing page design specifically? And what are some examples of elegant and effective landing pages?

On Wednesday, we’re going to talk about email marketing and inbound sales. I’ve always had a lesson on email, but I became a lot more interested in it after chatting with @ameliashowalter and listening to Serial last fall. If you didn’t listen to it (but you totally should now), you didn’t hear the ad for MailChimp, which in a weird way, made this email software provider a cultural phenomenon. (My sister-in-law back in Boston does marketing for Constant Contact and is super pissed about how big the Serial sponsorship was for MailChimp.)

But back to email. Isn’t email dead? No!  Check out these tips on connecting with “email-fatigued” prospects. Read this ebook on email marketing essentials from Constant Contact and view Class 8 from Hubspot How to Send the Right Email to the Right Person.

The second half of class on Wednesday, we’ll discuss inbound sales. What do you notice when you Google “inbound sales”? Pretty interesting source for the top results, don’t you think? What’s going on here?

If it seems like inbound sales is only a HubSpot thing, it’s not. A lot of companies are preaching about how to better align inbound marketing with a more traditional salesforce. (Some people, like HubSpot call this “Smarketing”.) Here’s an excellent eBook from an inbound marketing shop in Vermont called New Breed Marketing (@NewBreedMktg). Their slogan is #getshitdone.

Back to HubSpot. Since we are not doing the Inbound Certification Exam in class, we don’t need to go over all of the lessons, but do check out Lesson # 9 on “Smarketing” and Lesson #10 on Inbound sales.

Finally, we have a special guest Hangout-er. Aseem Badshah (@aseemb), Founder and CEO of Seattle-based Socedo (@SocedoApp). Here’s a profile of Aseem and Socedo published in 2013 on Geekwire. Check out the video where he describes what a date would be like with Socedo. He’s really smart and interesting and the CEO of two companies and I think he’s only 27. Good guy to know.

Sorry that there’s a lot of stuff this week. It’s a function of the smaller number of class sessions this quarter and I don’t want you to be short-changed. Have a good weekend.

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