## Mon. Social Media Strategy w/ @evanpdunn; Wed. @saralingafelter and @hootsuite certification

What is social media for business? There are a lot of ways to answer that question. I think one way to think about it is in terms of content marketing distribution. I mean, what is a tweet besides a 140 character piece of content that’s meant to educate, influence or entertain your customers and potential customers. It’s also a way to discuss donuts, remarkably.

Next week we are going to do a couple of days on Social Media Strategy. Even though you all can be considered “digital natives”, there is more to social media for businesses than Instagramming your dinner and adding #yum and you will learn about some of those concepts.

First, read the Beginner’s Guide to Social Media created by our friends at MOZ to get the ins and outs of social media for business. Then review  this lesson from HubSpot on “Amplifying Your Content With Social Media”. (WordPress is acting wonky right now, my apologies for the unsightly URLs.)


On Monday, we’ll be talking to noted Social Media Strategist Evan Dunn.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/evanpdunn

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/evanpdunn

Here’s an article he published this week on social listening. http://etaileast.wbresearch.com/listeners-never-lose

Make sure you do some more digging about work that Evan has done and come to class with lots of great questions for the Hangout.

For your blog on Monday, take what you learned from MOZ and HubSpot and write about companies you are familiar with that have successfully used their tactics. Also, since we spent so much time this week talking about Content Marketing and writing good blog posts, I expect  to see a difference in how you write and how you promote your blog post (cough, “LinkedIn”, cough).

On Wednesday, we’re going to talk to Sara Lingafelter about Content strategy as well as do the HubSpot certification examination. When you log in to “learn.hootsuite.com” and get to “My Courses” you need to review the first two lessons listed under “HootSuite Certification Courseware” (“Getting Started with Hootsuite” and “Advanced Tactics with HootSuite Pro”).

HootSuite Courses

As I mentioned in class, it’s a good idea for you set up your HootSuite account and then publish your blog and social media posts with it this week so that you are most comfortable with the platform prior to the exam.

(No, there is no blog for Wednesday. Just pass the certification.)

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