## Monday GAIQ Exam / Wednesday Inbound Marketing with @hubspot

Good week of class this week. We went over the Digital Analytics Fundamentals and the Platform Principles courses to get ready for the test next week. Just a couple of more resources for you to refer to in your exam preparation. This is the site with the practice questions that are generally harder than the actual exam, and here is my tweet from last night with the blog with tips on how to pass the GAIQ.

Make sure you have registered as part of Google Partners BEFORE coming to class on Monday. Please let me note that when you sign up for Google Partners to take the GAIQ you do not need to:

  • Create a company profile
  • Create or have access to a MCC manager account

Also, no blog for Monday. Just pass the exam.

Once we get the GAIQ out of the way, we’ll start talking about inbound marketing and marketing automation. What is inbound marketing? It’s the radical idea that firms shouldn’t waste money BROADcasting their promotional messages to people who have no interest in their products or services. With inbound marketing, firms create an ecosystem that encourages potential customers to actively insert themselves into the firm’s sales funnel. A good introduction to inbound marketing is this graphic I once received from noted WWU alumnus @andrewdumont.


We are trying to increase traffic to our website, without having to pay for advertising. For class, there are two things I’d like you to read about inbound. First, read this e-book on Inbound Marketing from Marketing Automation company Marketo. Second, here is a Harvard Business School case on HubSpot. (It will cost you $3.95 to download. Considering I’m not making you buy a textbook, I don’t think it’s that big a deal. You’ll have to register with HBS Publishing to access it.)

Additionally, if you took 380 with me in the fall and thinking right now, “Sweet. We did that case before so I don’t have to get it or read it.” You’re wrong. It’s a different case about HubSpot. Also, for your blog, make sure you don’t refer to the HubSpot “case” as an “article”. Articles and cases are two very different things and I find it super annoying when people  use them interchangeably. Also, remember what we’ve been talking about recently regarding your blogs. You can’t get a 5 unless you discuss the application of the tool that we are discussing. So for this session, you have to identify a company that is doing inbound marketing well and write about how they do it. (Don’t be lazy and write about HubSpot.) Also, make sure you link to any sources you use.

The undergrads are going to talk with my former student Tyler Orfao who is a channel consultant at HubSpot in Boston. (Good guy. Big Pats fan. We’ll keep the gloating to a minimum.) The MBAs will have an in class appearance by Katharine Bothel of Allsop to introduce you to the products you will be working with for your digital marketing plans.

Have a great weekend.

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