## “We ain’t got time to waste time.” Starting DigiMark3.3 (now with MBAs!)

Welcome to DigiMark 3.3. Big changes this quarter for me. I’m mixing up the order of some of the topics, teaching my first dedicated section of Digital Marketing exclusively for MBAs, and trying to figure out how to cover everything I want to cover in two fewer classes than last quarter.

During break I spent a day in Portland and #2daysinSeattle meeting with various Digital Marketing agencies including HugeWieden + KennedyCopacino + Fujikado (they are the shop that makes the Mariners commercials) and POSSIBLE. I also hung out with the Digital Marketing Director of the Mariners in his office at Safeco. (Don’t tell any kids this, but the Mariner Moose does NOT do his own tweets. His fingers are too fat to type. And he’s a Moose.) I also listened a lot to the new Kendrick Lamar album.

This blog is where you will get your readings for the following week’s classes. Any blog post that has two hashtags in the title (like this one) will be the required readings. I may post other stuff that I think are interesting, but not required. One of the nice things about this class is there is no textbook to purchase. (You’re welcome.) Today’s post will cover the first day of class (Wednesday, April 1) AND the two classes next week (Monday, April 6th and Wednesday, April 8th), but generally, I will post the following week’s readings by Wednesday evening.

Course Schedule Spring 2015

One of the things students like about the course is the opportunity to finish the class with industry-recognized certifications. I know from many conversations with former students that having, for example, Google Analytics, on their LinkedIn has lead not only to employment, but more impressively, employers proactively contacting them and requesting interviews. Think about that. We call that inbound marketing and will learn more about it throughout the quarter.

Last quarter, students received certifications in Google Analytics, HootSuite and Inbound Marketing and then were able to get extra credit for earning Google Adwords certification. I’ve changed it up a bit, as the Google Analytics examination will be taken during the fourth class session (April 13th) and Google Adwords will be your “final” examination, which you will do during exam week on your own time.

For the first class, Wednesday, April 1st, we’re going to do a general introduction, talk about what you want to learn, what I want to teach you and how the course will be run. Additionally, we’ll discuss these three readings:

Knowledge and Skill Requirements for Marketing Jobs in the 21st Century

Forrester Interactive Marketing Forecast 2011 to 2016

State of Digital Marketing Talent

You will need to do a few things before class on Wednesday:

  1. Start following me on Twitter: @DigiMark_WWU (This is the best way to contact me and the best way for you to learn about the readings.)
  2. Create your WordPress blog (please, have your name somewhere in the URL – like I did. Don’t be the person who tries to have something generic like “digitalmarketingWWU.wordpress.com”.)
  3. Publish your first post! For this blog you should:
    • Introduce yourself
    • Explain why you are taking the course
    • Describe what you would like to learn
    • Write about the three assigned articles, critically. Don’t just summarize them to show that you read them. Add your $0.02 about what you think is important.

You will be blogging before every class and the quality of your blog will determine one-third of your grade. Each blog will be graded on a 0-5 scale.

0 = You didn’t publish your blog before the start of class.

1 = You wrote something, but not particularly relevant to the day’s topic.

2 = You summarized some, but not all of the assigned readings.

3 = You summarized all the readings, but didn’t add any personal critical analysis.

4 = You analyzed all of the articles, but in a boring, rote way and didn’t add any additional materials.

5 = You analyzed all of the articles in a thoughtful and engaging manner, AND you found additional, non-assigned articles and posts to back up your arguments. You will  notice that the readings I assign you are pretty much descriptions of digital marketing tools. If you want to earn a 5 for a blog post, you must show your understanding of the articles assigned as well as write about companies or organizations that are currently in the news for using these tools well.

(Remember a few paragraphs ago when I said that the certifications helped students find jobs? The same thing has happened regarding the blog. Students who did well writing their blogs have had employers contact them about working for them. One of my mantras is “if you’re not searchable, you’re not hirable.”)

After you post your blog, tweet the URL to me @DigiMark_WWU and that way I can start following your blog.

Next week, we are going to do a two-day deep dive into the world of Google Analytics. Digital marketing is superior to traditional marketing in many ways and one of the ways is its ability to use math to uncover the effectiveness of particular campaigns. Google Analytics is the easiest way to do this. For Monday, first read this report by Forrester about the different vendors for Web Analytics, then check out the Google Analytics Home Page and answer the question “Why Google Analytics?” Finally, for Monday go through the six units of the Digital Analytics Fundamentals course. For Wednesday, you will review the four units of the Google Analytics Platform Principles. You will blog about what you’ve learned for each class, and again, this is preparation for the GA Individual Qualification exam you will be taking, Monday, April 13th. There are a lot of blogs out there with tips on how to pass the exam, but please note that they recently did a major revision of the test so look for blogs published since January 2015.

One last thing. Looking at the course roster, I am very touched by how many of you have chosen to take the class after working with me in 380. Google has a policy that they don’t like to release a product unless it’s ten times better (“10X” in tech lingo) than any existing product. My goal is at the end of the quarter that you will find this class 10x better than any other one you’ve taken at WWU. Thanks for enrolling.

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