## 03/05 – mobile marketing & 03/07 GAIQ review (that rhymes)

On Thursday, @wwujasonwilson mentioned that you could spend two hours talking about each step of the programmatic ad buying process from advertiser to publisher (a process that in real time takes 100 milliseconds). Similarly we could have an entire term on mobile marketing. Well, what you know. We’ll do it for a day. Sorry about that.

There are so many different things we could look at, we’re only going to hit a couple of them, unfortunately. First, let’s look at a white paper from comScore entitled “U.S. Digital Future in Focus 2014”. Please review the whole thing, but the discussion for class will center around the first 14 pages. Next, check out this nifty interactive white paper on marketing in a multi-screen world.

Here’s another white paper from comScore this one about the US mobile app market. The whole thing is pretty interesting, but my favorite part is the second chart on page 7, which, while I wouldn’t go so far as to say contradicts everything else in the report, made me pause.

Speaking of apps, a couple of weeks ago WWU’s SMA chapter invited Ryan Currie who does digital marketing for Starbucks. If you are like me, you are pretty addicted to their app. Read this recent article from the Washington Post about their app and consider what other businesses could use a similar mobile strategy. (But don’t forget, it certainly helps app usage that the main product Starbucks sells is literally physically addictive.)

Finally on the topic of mobile, consider how often you Google things on your phone. Mobile SEO is incredibly important and, as you probably would have expected by now, MOZ has some great tips. What are some important differences between mobile search and desktop search that marketers should understand and consider?

On Thursday, we’ll do our in class review for the Google Analytics IQ certification examination. Remember, the GAIQ has changed recently compared to when your friends may have taken it. First, change it’s now free, which is great for you! Unfortunately, all the other changes are whatever word you would use that is opposite of “great”. It used to be that the exam only covered the Digital Analytics Fundamentals units and now it includes that and the Google Analytics Platform Principles. That said, don’t freak out too much about the additional stuff since you’ll find that you’ve already been introduced to many of the concepts in unit 3 of the Digital Analytics Fundamentals.

(Oh yeah, and you can’t pause the exam anymore. That change is tough for you, too.)

So for Thursday, blog about the Google Analytics Platform Principles lessons. Additionally, you should probably do some practice tests. I’ve found this one is easier than the actual exam and this one is harder.

On a completely unrelated note, I decided to change some things around in my office to orient my computer towards my window (h/t to WWU facilities services and @hatersgonnahaug for their help.) You know how when you change one thing you start changing other things, too? So for the first time in about a year I changed the background images for my computer monitors. I put this picture up for the vertical one.

muricaDamn, G-Dub!

For the horizontal monitor I have another picture of an athletic patriot making an amazing play, but instead of the guy from “The Interview” getting owned it’s Ricardo Lockette and I’ll just stop right there and not link to the picture because your wounds probably still haven’t healed. (Smiling emoji)

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