## (2/10) #inboundsales w/ @aseemb (2/12) @hubspot certification exam

For our last discussion of inbound before the HubSpot certification exam, we will discuss inbound sales. What do you notice when you Google “inbound sales”? Pretty interesting source for the top results, don’t you think? What’s going on here?

If it seems like inbound sales is only a HubSpot thing, it’s not. A lot of companies are preaching about how to better align inbound marketing with a more traditional salesforce. (Some people, like HubSpot call this “Smarketing”.) Here’s an excellent eBook from an inbound marketing shop in Vermont called New Breed Marketing (@NewBreedMktg). Their slogan is #getshitdone. (You know where Vermont is? It’s in New England, which means they probably didn’t get #getmuchshitdone this past Monday.)

Back to HubSpot. Like I mentioned in the subject line, we’re going to do the HubSpot certification exam on Thursday and there are three more lessons to go over. Lesson # 9 on “Smarketing”, lesson #10 on Inbound sales and the final lesson, #11, on “Cultivating Happy Customers”.

On Tuesday, we have a special guest Hangout-er. Aseem Badshah (@aseemb), Founder and CEO of Seattle-based Socedo (@SocedoApp). He has over 13,000 followers, which I think is a record for one of our Hangout guests. Here’s a profile of Aseem and Socedo published in 2013 on Geekwire. Check out the video where he describes what a date would be like with Socedo. Here’s a cool idea that Aseem came up with. Do you want extra credit? Do you want to reach a much bigger audience with your blog? I’ll cut and paste his email.

I had an idea for this that might be interesting for your students. How would you feel about giving extra credit to students who write a blog post based on what they learned from the presentation? Send me the posts that you get and we’ll publish our favorite on the Socedo Blog as a guest post.

Let me know what you think.



So, here’s what I came up with. If you’re not interested, just do your blog based on the readings and post them on your website before class. But if you are interested, do your blog AFTER Aseem’s talk. Go over what you think was most important and then EMAIL me a Word doc by noon on Wednesday. I’ll forward them to Aseem and then he will select the post that will go up. If yours is not selected, then go put yours up on your blog. Does that make sense?

For Thursday, no blog. Just get ready for the certification exam, same rules as last time. Bring a laptop, make sure that you are all logged in. But this time, the score that goes in the gradebook will be your first attempt. Good luck in preparing for the HubSpot exam and I’ll talk to you soon.

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