## Tues. #SocialMediaManagement w/ @Hannawack & Thurs. @hootsuite certification

Next week we will be continuing our discussion of social media. (In sections past, we only did a day – we’re goosing it up this quarter.) As next week will be the HootSuite certification and the HubSpot will follow soon after, let’s continue working with those online resources.

For Tuesday, make sure you have activated your HootSuite University account. The certification examination on Thursday will be on the material covered in Course #1, “Hootsuite Certification and Enterprise Training Courseware”. But for Tuesday, I would like you to pick two sections of Course #2, “Social Media Training for Business” and two lectures from Course #3, “Lecture Series Webinars” that you will view and blog about. (Hint – look for topics that you could use to promote your blogs.) Additionally, you will review Class #4, “Amplifying Your Content with Social Media” from HubSpot Academy

You’ll have noticed by now, that we had to change things up a bit last week. Josh, World’s Greatest TA, talked on Thursday and we re-scheduled WWU alumna and social media professional Ashley Hannawacker for this Tuesday. Check out the work she has done and prepare questions for her videochat.

As I mentioned, we will be doing the HootSuite certification in class on Thursday. This will count as your first midterm. Please bring a laptop with you to class, if you need to borrow one, let me know. After you complete the examination, send me a screenshot of your score and I’ll put that in the gradebook. Sound good?

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