## Tues. (#contentmarketing) w/ @joelmsolomon Thurs. (#socialmediastrategy) w/ @hannawack & @KimHoots of @hootsuite

Continuing our conversation on Inbound Marketing, next week we are going to talk some more about content marketing and have our first session on social media. We talked a little bit about content on Tuesday, but we’re going to go into more depth about how to create it, why you should create it and what are the trends to be looking out for in 2015.

First, why should you create it? Here is an e-book from Scribd entitled, The Business Case for Content Marketing. Again, take it for what it is, a piece of content marketing created by a firm that sells content marketing services.

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Additionally, read this blog post from earlier this week about what makes a successful content strategy. Make sure you are keeping up with HubSpot Certification http://academy.hubspot.com/inbound-marketing-certification/attract/blogging and here. Finally, do you want to know what are the big trends in content marketing in 2015? Here is a report on Content Marketing Trends for 2015 by friend of DigiMark @kanejamison. He runs an awesome Content Marketing agency called @contentharmony. You’ll notice from the report that their offices are across the street from CenturyLink Field. He’s a cool guy.

To get a practitioner’s perspective, we’re going to do a videochat with distinguished alumnus and Double-Viking, Joel Solomon (@joelsolomon). He works as a Content Strategist for LaneTerralever a full-service marketing and advertising agency in Phoenix, Arizona (where the Patriots are going to shock the world and the Seahawks in a couple of weeks – {knocks wood}).

On Thursday, we’ll start talking about Social Media Strategy. You don’t need me to tell you that there is more to social media than Instagramming a picture of your dinner and adding “#yum”. It’s a way to promote yourself and your brand to the people that already are interested in what you have to offer. That said, it is helpful for talking about donuts.

For Wednesday, check out this  e-book from MOZ , “The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media”. This guide will give you the latest information about how businesses use Social Media, which goes far beyond promotion. I’m particularly interested in the “crowdsourcing” capabilities of Social Media, such as the concept of Social Care and Product Development.


Here is today’s HubSpot lesson.

Also, since I’m kind of a snob, I subscribe to the New Yorker magazine. It’s really great if you want to read 5,000 words on corruption in Singapore, plus it has totally inscrutable cartoons. Anyway, read this article on The King of Clickbait and let me know what you can learn from him that would help a firm’s social media strategy.

On Friday 1/16, you’ll receive an email from @HootSuite regarding your free 90-day access to HootSuite Pro. This is a good thing since you’ll be doing the HootSuite Certification exam on the 29th. To introduce you to HootSuite, we’re going to have a quick videochat with Kimberly Jang (@kimhoots) who is the program manager for higher education.

Finally, we’re going to talk to Ashley Hannawacker (@hannawack), a distinguished alumna of the marketing department at CBE, from her office in San Diego where she will talk to us about how she uses social media as Digital Marketing Manager for Global Analytics. Sound good? Enjoy!

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One Response to ## Tues. (#contentmarketing) w/ @joelmsolomon Thurs. (#socialmediastrategy) w/ @hannawack & @KimHoots of @hootsuite

  1. Kane Jamison says:

    Thanks for sharing our trends report, Mark. For the eagle eyes in your class that read the comments, I’ll throw a link to our careers page. We’ll be looking for some interns this summer as well as a few new FTE roles throughout 2015. Those listings aren’t up yet on our website, but we’re open to early submissions knowing that they’ve taken your class.


    Hope all’s well this semester,

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