# Happy Holidays (here’s your readings for the first week of class!)

Exciting times for the DigiMark class at WWU. First and foremost, I am teaching two sections (#DigiMark3.1 and #DigiMark3.2) simultaneously for the first time. I won’t be teaching 380 again until next year, so I can focus exclusively on creating the best and most up-to-date Digital Marketing class for you. Secondly, since I didn’t teach DigiMark this past quarter and spent a fair amount of time this fall writing a pedagogical research paper on teaching Digital Marketing for the Journal of Marketing Education, I’m changing a lot of the content in the course from last year.

Here is a general overview of the course topics for this quarter (some of this will change):

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 3.52.29 PM


In the past, most students would finish the quarter with two certifications, HootSuite (for social media management) and Google Analytics. These were nominally done for extra credit, but everyone did them so now I’m just making them part of your grade. I’ve decided that this quarter there will be four certifications, HootSuite and GA, as well as HubSpot (for inbound marketing) and Google AdWords (for paid media). I guarantee that these certifications will greatly assist you in your post-graduation employment search.

For the first class, Tuesday, January 6th, we’re going to do a general introduction, talk about what you want to learn, what I want to teach you and how the course will be run. Additionally, we’ll discuss these three readings:

Knowledge and Skill Requirements for Marketing Jobs in the 21st Century

Forrester Interactive Marketing Forecast 2011 to 2016

State of Digital Marketing Talent

For the first day of class you need to do a couple of things:

  1. Start following me on Twitter: @DigiMark_WWU (This is the best way to contact me and for you to learn about the readings.)
  2. Create your WordPress blog (please, have your name somewhere in the URL – like I did. Don’t be the person who tries to have something generic like “digitalmarketingWWU.wordpress.com”.)
  3. Publish your first post! For this blog you should:
    • Introduce yourself
    • Explain why you are taking the course
    • Describe what you would like to learn
    • Write about the three assigned articles, critically. Don’t just summarize them to show that you read them. Add your $0.02 about what you think is important.

You will be blogging before every class and the quality of your blog will determine one-third of your grade. Each blog will be graded on a 0-5 scale.

0 = You didn’t publish your blog before the start of class.

1 = You wrote something, but not particularly relevant to the day’s topic.

2 = You summarized some, but not all of the assigned readings.

3 = You summarized all the readings, but didn’t add any personal critical analysis.

4 = You analyzed all of the articles, but in a boring, rote way and didn’t add any additional materials.

5 = You analyzed all of the articles in a thoughtful and engaging manner AND you found additional, non-assigned articles and posts to back up your arguments. (Also, you maybe found some funny .GIFs)

After you post your blog, tweet the URL to me @DigiMark_WWU and that way I can start following your blog.

For Thursday, the 8th we are going to talk about Web Analytics. Please read this white paper from Forrester from this past May:

Report: Forrester Wave – Web Analytics

Additionally, read everything you can find on the Google Analytics website and watch the videos for the 6 units of Google Analytics Academy. This will take a fair amount of time, which is why I’m sending this stuff to you now, so you can do it over break.

Looking at the course roster, I am very touched by how many of you have chosen to take the class after working with me in 380 or 381. I hope you have a wonderful break and please don’t hesitate to drop me a line or ask a question via Twitter. (I’ll be in Boston most of the break going to Celtics games and eating clam chowder.)

Happy Holidays!

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