** For Wednesday @playstation and @sselenam from @razorfish

I’m very excited for us to talk to my friend, Grace Chen, Senior Director, Digital Distribution, Network Advertising & Global Creative at Sony Network Entertainment International. (Just got that from her LinkedIn Profile.) She’s a good buddy of mine from my MBA program in Boston. We got together for drinks when I was in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago and she graciously agreed to speak with us about what she does for Sony.

So, how are things going for PlayStation 4, these days? Quite well! It looks like in the future, we’ll all look like Daft Punk. And we’ll soon be playing console games without the console. They also have a pretty big partnership with a company called Twitch that will be fun to talk about. To see some of what Grace does, check out her posts on the PlayStation blog.

One other note about Grace. In her email to me she wrote, “I’m happy to take resumes from anyone, if you want me to open that up.” So be smart.

We’re also going to take some time on Wednesday to connect with DigiMark alumna Selena Maisonpierre, who is going to talk about being a Digital Media buyer in NYC. She took the class last Spring, graduated from Western, had an internship at the Seattle office of Razorfish, then was hired this fall to work in their NYC office. Because she’s awesome, she always makes time to talk to the class about paid media. So, please re-read the stuff on programmatic buying and native advertising from last month.

Because I’m a nice guy, and I’d like you to get cracking on the Google Analytics exam, there will be no blog assignment for Wednesday (There still is one on co-creation for Monday). Just make sure that you are prepared for the Hangouts and that you ask great questions.

Have a great weekend.

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