** Monday #mobilemarketing and Wednesday MORE #mobilemarketing

Hi guys. Sorry I had to cancel class on Wednesday. I started feeling pretty crappy on Tuesday night, so I went to the doctor’s office Wednesday morning. He listened to my lungs and said, “Yep, you have pneumonia.” While I can’t say it was definitely caused by running the half-marathon with a cough in the rain, it probably wasn’t that smart a thing to do. But I did get this good picture out of it!

Vancouver with Katherine

Anyway, despite the pneumonia I had to go to this Content Marketing Retreat on Whidbey Island. I was pleased because I think anyone of you could be hired by a Content Marketing agency right now, based on all the things you’ve learned. (I also got four guys to offer me data sets for my research.) Now, I’m back home and feel like total ass.

I’d like to spend a little bit on Monday talking about Big Data, but your blogs next week will be about Mobile Advertising. Obviously, there is a lot of growth in mobile specific paid advertising.

Mobile Ad Spending Predictions

But, Who’s Planning to Spend Big in Mobile?

And what about the risks?

We’re also going to talk about best practices for app marketing.

For Wednesday, we’re going to talk about Mobile Payment. Our smart phones are “always near and always dear”. If they’ve already become our cameras, our calendars, and our computers it makes sense that they would become our change purses as well (probably tried a little too hard to keep the alliterative “c” going there, c’est la vie.)

The big three mobile payment apps have been historically (as in the last couple of years) Google Wallet, the LevelUp and Square. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of them from my hometown paper, the Boston Globe.

Also from Boston is a start-up with some heavy hitting financial backing, LevelUp. Here’s a short video about how it works for merchants.

Their business has recently taken off due to their service of creating customizable payment apps.

The interesting thing, from my perspective about how the LevelUp works is that it combines payment with a loyalty program, kind of like my favorite app from Starbucks. How’re they doing?


(And don’t worry, they totally just fixed that bug that left your password out in plain text.)

As I mentioned before, another big player in mobile payment is Square founded by Jack Dorsey, one of the creators of this thing called “Twitter”. (Read the article, and watch the video.)

Finally, I’d like you to consider bitcoin, a “virtual currency”, which apparently the Winklevii have some connection to (seriously). What is it?

Last year the world’s first bitcoin ATM was unveiled up the road in Vancouver.

What do you think? In my opinion paying with your phone isn’t that different than a “virtual currency”.

Have a great weekend.

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