** Monday: #CODING and Wednesday: #ABTesting

On Monday, we’re going to have one of our most popular days of class, the day we talk about coding.

(Binary solo!)

First, check out the sweet life of coders in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley Goes Hollywood: Top Coders Can Now Get Agents – Businessweek

And how important coding is to the future of our economy.

Print – Huge Hosts Crash Course in Coding Over Four Days at SXSW – Advertising Age

Next, read this article that I tweeted about earlier this week.

After that, to get a taste of what computer science is all about read chapter 1 of “Introduction to Computing: Explorations in Language, Logic and Machines” by David Evans of the University of Virginia (my alma mater).

Computing Textbook

Now, here is the really fun part. After doing all of this. You are going to sign up at http://www.codecademy.com/ and spend two hours on the site. Take a screenshot showing the time when you start and then do another one to show where you are after two hours, post that on your blog and write about the experience for your blog post of the day. Trust me, you’re going to have some fun.

On Wednesday, we’ll get into the world of A/B Testing, also known as Optimization.

First to understand how it works read this short eBook “The Ultimate Guide to A/B Testing”.

The Ultimate Guide To A:B Testing | Smashing Magazine

Next, because you guys are so much smarter than everyone else, read this academic journal article by a bunch of Microsofties about how to do it right.


Why is Digital Marketing so fantastic? Because everything is trackable and since everything is trackable, everything is also testable. Basically, you never have an excuse to have a crappy landing page, or email campaign or banner ad because of A/B testing. Blog about some good examples of A/B Testing that you have discovered.

Have a great weekend. I’ll let you know on Monday if California truly “knows how to party”.


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