** Monday G+ w/ @stephanhov, Wednesday Paid Media

Continuing our conversation about social media, on Monday we will talk specifically about Google+. One thing I’ve heard a lot recently it is “2014 will be the year of Google Plus”, which if you considered the conventional wisdom a year ago, would be quite an accomplishment.



To get us started, why is Google+ becoming more important. Check out these blogs:

Why Use Google Plus?

Why Your Business Needs Google Plus

I think the SEO impact of Google+ makes it pretty important. But what about people who aren’t business, just people?

Gmail Integration With G+ (NY Times)

Which some people think is, frankly, desperate.

A Desperate Plot to Boost G+

To take us through the business case for G+, we’re going to talk to Stephan Hovnanian, author and owner of Shovi Websites. Check out some of his work:

G+ Profile Optimization by Stephan Hovnanian

On Wednesday, we’re going to do our last bit of the inbound marketing puzzle with Paid Media, which in many ways is the most “traditional” form of media promotion but today is changing rapidly. (Honestly, I think if I could do my pre-academic advertising career over again, I would be in media buying. It’s always been cool and it’s getting cooler every day thanks to the explosion of data and new platforms.)

First, you should read this article by Sean Corcoran (@SeanCor) formerly of Forrester and currently at Mullen (where I used to work!) defining earned owned and paid media entitled, “Defining Earned, Owned and Paid Media”.

Defining Earned, Owned And Paid Media

But that article is kind of old. What are people saying now?

Paid, Earned, And Owned: A Content Paradigm Whose Time Has Passed

A controversial aspect of paid media is the use of “cookies”, which sound delicious but actually are just pieces of code that track your online behavior. Cookies are under fire, particularly in Europe where they seem to care about things like “privacy” and “fairness” and “transparency”.

Print – EU Cookie Law Could Be the Death of Digital – Advertising Age

What to do if cookies become a thing of the past? Consider “Native Advertising”

Ad Age – Native Advertising

But probably the most interesting thing to come along in the Paid Media space is the idea of “Programmatic Media Buying”. What is it? Not that I think you are dummies at all, but here’s a helpful article entitled “Programmatic Ad Buying for Dummies”. (NOTE: It’s a slideshow type article. Make sure you click on the arrow and get through the 7 or 8 pages.)

Programmatic Ad Buying for Dummies

Have a great weekend!

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