** Monday (#contentmarketing) and Wednesday (#socialmedia)

Before getting to the readings for next week, I should clear up some confusion about the blogs. You should do a separate blog for Monday and Wednesday. One reason to do this is so that you can promote them to the proper community.

First off, on Monday we’re going to talk about Content Marketing, a valuable tool in the inbound marketing toolbox since it’s a way to attract and retain self-qualified customers.

Start with these two readings from SCRIBD, “The Business Case for Content Marketing” and “A Content Marketing Strategy That Works” to get a feel for what we are talking about.

The Business Case for Content Marketing

A Content Marketing Strategy That Works

Then check out this eBook from the Content Marketing Institute. If you are looking for inspiration for your blog post, look in depth at a couple of different examples from the ebook and write about the type of content created, what type of customers the content was created for and whether you think each is an effective tool to attract customers.

100 Content Marketing Examples

Enjoy your continued contenting! (Not a word, I know.)

On Wednesday, we wrap up our inbound marketing module (but being honest, all Digital Marketing is inbound, so we’ll never really finish it) we’re going to talk about this thing the kids are all in to, “Social Media”. Social Media is more than sharing pictures of what you had for dinner and letting people know where you are for dinner or what you thought about your dinner, it’s a way to promote yourself and your brand to the people that already are interested in what you have to offer.

For Wednesday, check out this new e-book from MOZ that is HOT OFF THE (figurative) PRESSES, “The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media”.

The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media

This guide will give you the latest information about how businesses use Social Media, which goes far beyond promotion. I’m particularly interested in the “crowdsourcing” capabilities of Social Media, such as the concept of Social Care and Product Development.


After reading that, let’s read an example of Social Media going, terribly, terribly wrong.


Applebee’s Overnight Social Media Meltdown

What went wrong with Applebee’s? What would you have done differently? What lessons have you learned?

Next, check out HootSuite U and watch the videos under “Hoot 100: Setting Up Your Dashboard”.

HootSuite U

Finally, I’d like you to read a little bit about Edgerank, first as explained by Batman.

Batman Explains Edgerank

But some people believe that Edgerank is now “dead”.

Edgerank is Dead

These changes made diminutive NBA owner Mark Cuban get all ranty.

Mark Cuban getting all ranty

Does he have a point? Most people say, “No”.

Businessweek – Hey, Mark Cuban!

Wow, that’s a lot. We’ll see how far we get. Have a great weekend.




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