** – For Monday (Inbound) and Wednesday (SEM)

Great job this week, folks. I hope you enjoyed our first day of class as much as I did. On Monday, we’re going to begin our discussion on Inbound Marketing. One of the most powerful tools in the Digital Marketing toolbox is the ability to promote our products in non-intrusive ways and that is what Inbound Marketing does. Another thing you’ll learn about me, if you don’t already is that I am from Boston, Massachusetts. (And my mood is greatly affected by whether the Red Sox won or lost their most recent game.) Over Christmas break my family went back to Boston and I met with a former student of mine who now works at Hubspot, one of the leading developers of inbound marketing tools.

Wait, what’s HubSpot? What’s inbound marketing. Here’s a really embarrassing video to explain where it started.

A better introduction is this graphic I got from WWU alumnus @andrewdumont.


For your blog on Monday, you should write about what is inbound marketing. To help you with that here is an e-book from Hubspot.


I’d also like you to watch the keynote talk from Hubspot’s 2013 conference. It’s 90 minutes long and kind of dense, so I would break it up into three or four chunks and take a few notes while you watch. But you should write about what is the benefit of inbound marketing, as well as your thoughts about Hubspot’s new products the Social Inbox, the COS and Signals.

On Wednesday, we are going to talk about the exciting world of Search Engine Optimization and how it is now shifting into Search Engine Marketing. We will start with a discussion of one of the classic texts of SEO (and a fairly excellent example of content marketing – remember that for Thursday) “The Beginner’s Guide to SEO” created by one of the most important companies in Seattle. (Obviously, if you read this for my 380 class … read it again.)


In the second hour of class, we will talk to DigiMark 1.2 alumna, Taylor Phillips and some of her colleagues from Interate Marketing in Portland (@iterateiterate). (Funny story about Taylor, she dragged me out one night to the Bellingham Bar & Grill. I felt old.) Here’s a little more about them.

Iterate Marketing – About Us

Also, check out this blog post from Distilled CEO, Will Chritchlow.

How to Learn SEO by Will Chritchlow @distilled

After you read this, sign up for a free demo of DistilledU, and go through the 8 lessons of “Search Engine Basics”.


For your blog, write about how search engines work, how companies can leverage SEO and SEM, particularly for inbound marketing.

Have a great weekend. I’m driving down to Seattle tonight to see Sharon Jones at the Showbox.
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