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(Sorry about the late notice. My only excuse is that I completely forgot to post.)

Last April I was walking along the Embarcadero with my friend Leyl Master Black (@mktgalchemist). She’s a very influential Bay Area tech PR person and now works as Communications Director for One Medical and on the side she’s a social media columnist for Mashable and USA Today. We were talking about the Digital Marketing class and talking about what the latest trends are in Digital Marketing and she asked me if I had a session on “Growth Hacking”. Feeling no shame, I said to her, “Huh?” She told me that this is a pretty important phrase in the Valley and that I should introduce it to you guys.

So what is Growth Hacking? Here is a recent post on Mashable about it.

Growth Hacking Via Mashable

And a good blog post from Kissmetrics


In many ways the definitive case study for the concept of Growth Hacking is AirBnB.

How to Be a Growth Hacker: An AirBnB Craiglist Case Study by Andrew Chen

And then the best thing I found about the subject is this 103 page PDF. Please scroll through the whole thing, reading the headers then in detail read chapter 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 and 10.

The Definitive Guide to Growth Hack

And what do you think about this article, tweeted by #DigiMark alumna @Just_Lizzi?

Also, do a twitter search for #growthhacking. You’ll find A LOT of stuff worth checking out.

Since I f-‘d up, your blog is OPTIONAL for tomorrow. That said, please try to read the articles though.

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