** – For Next Week (Tuesday): SEM w/ @nickmarvik of @distilled & (Thursday): Blogging / Content Marketing w/ @hannawack

Next Tuesday, we are going to talk about the exciting world of Search Engine Optimization and how it is now shifting into Search Engine Marketing. We will start with a discussion of one of the classic texts of SEO (and a fairly excellent example of content marketing – remember that for Thursday) “The Beginner’s Guide to SEO” created by one of the most important companies in Seattle and the work home of @andrewdumont,  MOZ.


In the second hour of class, we will talk to alumnus, Nick Marvik (@nickmarvik) of Distilled. Distilled is a leader in the SEO field and offers an excellent online class in SEO called Distilled U. Check out this blog post from @willcritchlow, the founder of Distilled.

How to Learn SEO by Will Chritchlow @distilled

After you read this, sign up for a free demo of DistilledU, and go through the 8 lessons of “Search Engine Basics”.


For your blog, write about how search engines work, how companies can leverage SEO and SEM, particularly for inbound marketing.

On Thursday, we are going to talk about Content Marketing with alumna, Ashley Hannawacker (@hannawack). She is Director of Marketing and Business Development for Tower Paddle Boards and a digital marketing guru.

Ashley’s website

Content marketing is a valuable tool in the inbound marketing toolbox since it’s a way to attract and retain self-qualified customers.

Start with these two readings from SCRIBD, “The Business Case for Content Marketing” and “A Content Marketing Strategy That Works” to get a feel for what we are talking about.

The Business Case for Content Marketing

A Content Marketing Strategy That Works

Then check out this eBook from the Content Marketing Institute. If you are looking for inspiration for your blog post, look in depth at a couple of different examples from the ebook and write about the type of content created, what type of customers the content was created for and whether you think each is an effective tool to attract customers.

100 Content Marketing Examples

Keep contenting! (Not a word, I know.)

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