** Next week’s readings: The quarter begins anew … with DigiMark 2.2

Welcome to the Winter Quarter for the Digital Marketing class at WWU. I have decided that your class is section 2.2, since this is the second year and the second quarter that I have taught the class. (I’m confident that this will become such a big thing that in ten years when you are launching your billion dollar app at SXSW Interactive, you’ll meet another WWU DigiMark alum and say something like, “I was DigiMark 2.2! What section were you?”)

You’ll learn a lot about me over the next ten or so weeks, one of which is I hate printing stuff out and this blog will essentially be your textbook. Here is this quarter’s syllabus:

Course Description (Winter 2014)

My goal is to have the following week’s readings for both sections up by Thursday evening. For Tuesday, we’re going to do a general introduction, talk about what you want to learn, what I want to teach you and how the course will be run. We’ll also talk about these three readings:

Knowledge and Skill Requirements for Marketing Jobs in the 21st Century


Technology giants at war: Another game of thrones | The Economist

For Tuesday, make sure that you have set up your WordPress blog (it’s much easier for me if your name is somewhere in your URL) and publish your first post. For this blog you should:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Explain why you are taking the course
  • Describe what you would like to learn
  • Write about the three assigned articles, critically. In other words, don’t just summarize them to show that you read them. Add your $0.02 about what you think is important. In particular, I would like you to focus on all that has happened to the Big 4 companies since “Another Game of Thrones” was published. Describe these changes.

Your blog will be one-third of your grade. They will be graded on a 0-5 scale:

0 = You didn’t publish your blog before the start of class

1 = You wrote something, but not particularly relevant to the day’s topic

2 = You summarized some, but not all the assigned readings

3 = You summarized all the readings, but didn’t add any personal critical analysis

4 = You analyzed all of the articles, but in a boring way and didn’t add any additional materials

5 = You analyzed all of the articles in a thoughtful and engaging manner AND you found additional, non-assigned articles and posts to back up your arguments. (Also, .GIFs)

Okay, that’s for our introduction on Tuesday. For Thursday, we’re going to begin our discussion on Inbound Marketing. One of the most powerful tools in the Digital Marketing toolbox is the ability to promote our products in non-intrusive ways and that is what Inbound Marketing does. Another thing you’ll learn about me is that I am from Boston, Massachusetts (Go Pats!). My family went  there for the holidays but on Monday, I met a former student of mine who now works at Hubspot, one of the leading developers of inbound marketing tools.

For Thursday, you should write your blog post about what is inbound marketing. To help you with that here is an e-book from Hubspot.


I’d also like you to watch the keynote talk from Hubspot’s 2013 conference. It’s 90 minutes long and kind of dense, so I would break it up into three or four chunks and take a few notes while you watch. But you should write about what is the benefit of inbound marketing, as well as your thoughts about Hubspot’s new products the Social Inbox, the COS and Signals.

Finally, on Thursday we will have the first of many G+ Hangouts with industry professionals. To discuss inbound marketing, we will chat with Andrew Dumont (@andrewdumont)

Andrew’s MOZ profile

Andrew, quite simply, is a rock star. He did a start-up as a side gig and it was just acquired.

Stride App Acquired via Geekwire

Whew. That seems like a lot, but you’ll enjoy it. See you Tuesday.

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