** For Tuesday – Social Issues regarding social media

Before we break to give thanks during our Thanksgiving break, let’s talk about what it means to be, you know, “social”.

A lot of digital marketers know that we think they are kind of creepy so they make their lack of creepiness a point-of-difference.

Web Privacy Becomes a Business Imperative – NY Times

Some companies, like Snapchat were built around the idea of being social without leaving a trail.

Snapchat and the erasable future of social media

More and more companies are struggling with the question, so eloquently put in this Businessweek article, “Where do you draw the line between serendipity and ewwwww?”

Apps: It’s time to talk about the creepy factor – Businessweek

Here’s another blog post along the same lines.

A Dating App For Women That Isn’t Awful – newyorker.com

Going towards Facebook, why do people spend so much time on it? (Not you, though.)

Pew – Facebook

Facebook Therapy?

Finally, and not particularly related to anything else we’re talking about today but because I thought it would be interesting. If Youtube is now being used to calculate a hit song on the Billboard charts, what does it mean to be a hit song?

Pop’s Youtube Economy

See you Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better by then.

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