** – FOR THURSDAY: Product Co-Creation (and some @googleanalytics videos)

Thursday we’re going to talk about one of my favorite, often overlooked parts of digital marketing, product co-creation. Those of you who took 380 with me know that I love to harp on the concept of market orientation vs. product orientation. Market orientation is looking at consumer needs and creating products that fill those needs. Product orientation is building a product and hoping to find the market for it. As you can guess, successful companies are usually market oriented ones.

Market orientation fits nicely with the concept of product co-creation since who is better telling you what customers want, than, you know, customers? And digital technology from the web to Big Data makes this much, much easier than it ever was before.

Co-creation isn’t a new concept, per se. Here’s an article I found describing the concept all the way back in 1999.

Co-Creation: A New Source of Value

Here is an academic research article from the Journal of Service Research. After reading it, you should describe in your blog what are the factors the encourage and inhibit co-creation.

Consumer Cocreation in NPD – Journal of Service Research

The cool thing about the JSR article is how the authors identify all the different steps along the NPD path that consumers can be used. Furthering that thought, here is an article from WIRED from 2006 about the “Rise of Crowdsourcing”.

The Rise of Crowdsourcing 

Are you guys familiar with Quirky and Kickstarter? How are they part of the product co-creation movement?


Flint & Tinder’s Kickstarter Success – Business Insider

Also regarding Kickstarter, I tweeted this out last week. I’m curious as to your thoughts about the article.

That should be enough to get us going. The second half of class I want to dedicate to getting through some more GA videos and test questions. I have reserved the Parks Hall computer lab on November 26, for you to take the GAIQ exam and I want to make sure all of you are prepared.

* We’ve had at least two people get HootSuite certified. Anyone else get it done?

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