** FOR THURSDAY – MOBILE (Day 1 of 2) with @wompmobile

One of the changes I made in the course from the Winter to Spring last year was adding a second day of discussion about Mobile Digital Marketing. Frankly, we could probably do an entire QUARTER on Mobile. It’s that ubiquitous and that important.

Thursday, we’re going to focus on two aspects of the Mobile world: mobile promotion and app store marketing. When we are talking about Mobile, we’re basically talking about iOS and Android.

Android and iOS Surge

How much money are we talking about here when it comes to Mobile Advertising?

Mobile Ad Spending Predictions via Mashable

Who is spending all this money?

Print – Guess Who’s Planning to Spend Big in Mobile

What about the risks?

Smartphone Advertising Myths Debunked

Also, check out this collection of articles from Mobile Marketer, “The Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising”. (Also, if you notice the cover price. No, I didn’t pay $495 for it.)

Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising

As we are also going to talk about Apps, check out this blog post about how to best design your app.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes in Mobile App Marketing

Finally, we are going to talk to WWU alumnus, Madison Miner CEO of WompMobile.

Seattle Startup: WompMobile Promises Easy Web to Mobile Conversion

Womp-ing the web: Western alumnus optimizes sites for smartphones

Have fun!

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