** For Tuesday – Paid Media with @FeversFlavor & @sselenam

Our last bit of the inbound marketing puzzle is Paid Media, which in many ways is the most “traditional” form of media promotion but today is changing rapidly. (Honestly, I think if I could have done my pre-academic media career over again, I would be in media buying. It’s always been cool and it’s getting cooler every day thanks to the explosion of data and new platforms.)

First, you should read this article by Sean Corcoran (@SeanCor) formerly of Forrester and currently at Mullen (where I used to work!) defining earned owned and paid media entitled, “Defining Earned, Owned and Paid Media”.

Defining Earned, Owned And Paid Media

But that article is kind of old, so what are people saying now?

Paid, Earned, And Owned: A Content Paradigm Whose Time Has Passed

A controversial aspect of paid media is the use of “cookies”, which sound delicious but actually are just pieces of code that track your online behavior. Cookies are under fire, particularly in Europe where they seem to care about things like “privacy” and “fairness” and “transparency”.

Print – EU Cookie Law Could Be the Death of Digital – Advertising Age

What to do? Consider “Native Advertising”

Ad Age – Native Advertising

And remember all the time spend on Facebook? Maybe you should buy media there?


During the second half of class we are going to talk to two people via G+ from “concrete jungles where dreams are made of” (NYC, duh. And could that lyric make any less sense?) Jonathan Hsia, Managing Director of Digital Investment at Mindshare, and Selena Maisonpierre, Assistant Media Planner at Razorfish, WWU and DigiMark alumna.

It’s going to be a great day.

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