** FOR TUESDAY – Social Media featuring @taylohoots & @hootsuite_U

On Tuesday, we’re going to talk about this new phenomenon you may have heard of called “Social Media”. I hear the kids are all in to it.

First, you should read the 2012 Nielsen Social Media Report and get an understanding about how social media is growing, how is it evolving and how does it impact marketing?


After that, check out this article from last fall about a company based in Cambridge, MA called Bluefin Labs and how they use Twitter for marketing research.

Cambridge’s Bluefin Labs decodes social media chatter – Magazine – The Boston Globe

Also, to see how social media can backfire on a company, read this blog post about a particularly unfortunate situation that came to pass at one of America’s leading casual dining establishments, Applebee’s.


Then read a couple of white papers from Forrester and McKinsey and an article from USA Today from a friend of mine, Leyl Master Black (@mktgalchemist)

Master_The_Next_Wave_Of_S Demystifying Social Media – MicKinsey

Demystifying Social Media – MicKinsey

Social Media Will Make You Fall in Love

For the second half of class (if G+ behaves itself) we are going to chat with Taylor Loren (@taylootts) of HootSuite. She’s going to introduce HootSuite to you. My hope is that you will take them up on the offer to use the student version for updating your blogs and social media feeds and that you will take the HootSuite Certification exam. Please familiarize yourself with HootSuite before class, as well.


Have a great weekend. I’m going to Yakima (http://www.freshhopalefestival.com/)


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