** FOR TUESDAY – SEM with @fontanaRJ & @bjcottam of @SEERInteractive

Next Tuesday, we are going to talk about the exciting world of Search Engine Optimization and how it is now shifting into Search Engine Marketing. We will start with a discussion of one of the classic texts of SEO (and a fairly excellent example of content marketing) “The Beginner’s Guide to SEO” created by one of the most important companies in Seattle,  MOZ.


We’ll talk about the reading for the first hour, and then we will do our first of many G+ Hangout sessions of the quarter with Ryan Fontana and Brendan Cottam of SEER Interactive. Ryan does a lot of work with recruitment and recently posted this pretty inspiring blog post about how to turn interns into great employees.


Brendan was a student of mine at my old job, Skidmore College, and I owe him a lot. Last November, I went back East and we got together in Saratoga Springs, NY to chat about what he was up to as a senior. He told me that he had become very interested in SEO and that since there were no classes about it, he took it upon himself to get educated about the topic and that led to a  internship with SEER. He also told me about the Digital Marketers he was following on Twitter, as well as the names of the big firms in Seattle that I should get to know. Honestly, one of the biggest reasons this class is as good as it is is the advice Brendan gave me then, and continues to give me now that he works at the “Search Church” in Philly with SEER.

For Tuesday, read the Beginner’s Guide and write a blog about explaining why you think Search Engine Marketing is becoming so popular. Also, do you think this growth is going to continue? Why or why not? Make sure to link to some other interesting current content (articles, blog posts, etc.) to make your case.

Talk to you Thursday!

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